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Salted Lemon with Li
Hing Mui $4.40


Taegu (2oz)

Samurai Sunset (14 oz)

Prune Mui


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Serve the Dog ($5.75) 
Large Soft Serve with a Beef or Polish Hotdog


Shake the Dog ($5.75) 
Milk Shake with a Beef or Polish Hotdog


Float the Dog ($5.75) 
Sprite or Coke Float with a Beef or Polish Hotdog





and other Local Favorites

Shave Ice Syrups

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Cotton Candy

Assorted Snacks


Thinking about what to give for that special occasion? Want to offer a gift to your loyal customers and clients? Samurai offers our $35 gift basket year round! Buy one or one hundred, there's no minimum quantity required to order this onolicious basket of tasty treats.   

Furikake Popcorn

Whole Cuts Potato Snacks

Kasugai Lychee Candy

Samurai Sunset

Dried Sliced Mango

Tomoe Premium Mix Arare

Giant Cherry Seed