A local favorite! Buttery flavor and just the right amount of furikake and "mochi crunch". It's so addicting, it's hard to share. Buy your own bag today!


This sweet candied popcorn is oozing with nostalgia. Share a bag with a long time friend and reminisce the good 'ole days. Oh, and the kids love it too! This sweet and crunchy popcorn is sure to be a hit!


Our Moana Sweet and Salty Popcorn is a tribute to the beautiful beaches of Hawai'i. The teal blue represents the warm and salty waters of the shore, while the yellow represents the sweet sands. The combination is just breathtaking.


Zero trans fat, Zero cholesterol and Zero artificial flavors and colors. Just a delicious, crispy popcorn with the right amount of sweetness and a hint of salt. Simply tasty for the health-minded.

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Our bulk popcorn is perfect for classroom events, party favors and centerpieces or if you just love popcorn. But be careful because it's a lot! If ordering our sweet candied popcorn, choose 2 colors that coordinate with your event and make it fun! Contact us for more info.

CLASSIC Approx 5 lbs $16.00
BUTTERED Approx 5 lbs $26.00
FURIKAKE (Arare/mochi crunch not included) Approx 7 lbs $34.00
Colors: Red, Green, Lime Green, Pink, Purple, Teal Blue, Royal Blue, Yellow, or Orange
Approx 9 lbs (Choose 2 colors) $31.00
MOANA SWEET AND SALTY Approx 9 lbs (Teal Blue and Yellow only) $31.00
PUPU SWEET AND SALTY Approx 9 lbs (no color added) $31.00
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